I sat down with our Tour Escort, Crystal to ask how her trip was to Ogunquit, ME.

This was our first multi-day trip in 2020 after the height of the pandemic. We traveled September 8-11th, 2020.

Please note: We spread our passengers on the motorcoach out for safe distancing and only filled half capacity of the coach. Passengers were asked to wear mask when boarding/exiting/walking up and down the aisles of the coach. 

How did you handle rest stops?

  • It was a beautiful day, we were able to sit out doors at the rest stop. Everything felt like normal, just had to wear our masks. Once we all boarded the coach, we all hand sanitized.

How was the weather while you were there?

  • It was perfect! We all came off the Marginal Way looking like lobsters!

What did you enjoy most?

  • Sitting on the lawn in an Adirondack chair watching the sea. I also loved walking down to Perkins Cove.

How did it feel being on the motorcoach after so many months?

  • It felt like freedom and I felt comfortable to be back on the road. Everyone was so courteous, I felt so appreciated by the passengers – everyone was so happy that we were back doing tours again, we heard that over and over again. It was so nice to hear.

We were so grateful to be able to travel to one of our absolute favorite destinations as our first multi-day back. We travel to Anchorage by the Sea resort in Ogunquit Maine every September. Every year, we gain more repeated customers who fall in love with the sea and all of its beauty. We are heading to the resort next year from September 7-10, 2021

“There’s no better place to be than Anchorage by the Sea”