Tips for Visiting The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade- Wade Tours
The annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been around since 1924.  It’s popularity quickly grew, and by 1933, millions of people crowded the streets of New York to view the big event!  A combination of live performances, massive balloons, and Broadway acts make this annual event a Thanksgiving tradition for many across the US.  With people broadcasting from their TVs at home, the bucketlist dream is to one day stand on the streets of Manhattan and feel the excitement of being there in person!  At Wade Tours, we charter a bus to the parade so people can make this dream a reality!  Here are some of our tips for visiting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. 

Tips for Visiting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: 

Know the Route 

Although the parade route is generally the same 2.5 mile route each year, it may be slightly different year to year.  Be sure to check out the official parade website.  They have a parade route they keep updated here.
Use this map to find the best spots ideal for watching BEFORE you go.   
Tip:  Typically, the best places to watch are the corner of 6th and Central Park South, or Central Park West between 72nd and 61st. 

Dress Accordingly  

Taking place at the end of November, the weather in New York can be super unpredictable.  Typically, November is a cold time of yeain Manhattan with an average of 47 degrees Fahrenheit So bsure to dress warm and in layers.  Keep an eye on the weather a couple of days before and be sure you are as prepared as possible! 

Pack A Bag 

Make sure to bring some essentials of things you may want or need throughout the day.   
Here are some items we recommend you bring: 
  • Water bottle 
  • Snack foods 
  • A blanket 
  • Poncho 
  • Phone 
  • Comfortable Shoes 

Find Your Spot As Early As Possible 

People start finding their spots as early as 6:00 am.  Once you arrive in New York City, claim your spot as early as you can to ensure the best view!  Just keep in mind, you will need to stay in your spot or someone else will take it.  Once you find the perfect place to view the parade, do not leave it! 

Limit Your Beverage Intake 

The parade lasts from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  However, when you find your spot much earlier than that you won’t want to leave.  Sometimes this means about six hours or so without having access to a bathroom.  For this reason alone, making sure to not drink coffee or too much water before will come in handy.  This way you won’t have to leave your beloved spot in the middle of the parade to try and find a bathroom! 

Take It All In! 

This is a once in a lifetime kind of event.  People dream of one day making it here to view all the performers and balloons in person!  Take it in and live in the moment.  The amount of excitement wafting through the air during an event like this is contagious!  So enjoy, and create memories you’ll remember forever.

Book your Macy’s Day Parade trip with Wade Tours 

Booking the day trip to The Macy’s Day Parade with Wade Tours makes everything so much easier for you to enjoy your day!  You won’t have to worry about traffic or parking.  Let us handle that stress!  We will drop you off in a convenient location close to the parade route.  We will also determine an easy pick-up spot, so once the parade is over, you can hop right back on the bus and be home in time for an early night’s rest after a long and eventful day. 
Now that you have some tips to help you have a fantastic time at The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you’re ready to book your ticket and havthe time of your life.  Time to cross The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade off your bucketlist!