History of Wade Tours in Schenectady, NY

From the beginning, under the name of Wade-Schoharie Valley Line, was a major line-run owned by Edwin L. Wade. He transported people and packages from Schenectady to Middleburg, a 120-mile round-trip run from the back of a 1926 Studebaker.

Then in 1932, Arnold E. Wade, son of Edwin, assumed sole ownership and the line-run was extended to Grand Gorge, New York.

By 1940, Arnold and his wife, Mildred, now had three coaches and named the company Wade Charter Coaches, starting charters and tours to 11 Eastern States and the District of Columbia. This gave them the push they needed to build a garage on Helderberg Avenue in Schenectady, NY, moving from the back yard of their home on O’Neil Street from around the corner.

During World War II, business was booming due to the rationing of gas and by the 1950’s, Wade Charter Coaches had the largest fleet ever, with 36 coaches.

Arnold and Mildred retired in 1963, turning over ownership of the business with their blessings to their son Robert and his wife, Audrey. Just about this time the World’s Fair was in New York City, giving Robert and Audrey the opportunity to purchase new coaches, keeping up with the tremendous advances in modern mechanical technology, making travel a much more sophisticated experience.

With more people seeing the advantage in motor coach travel, it was necessary for more office space and ample parking for customers, so we built a new terminal, located at 797 Burdeck St. in Schenectady and changed our name to Wade Tours, Inc., Inc. This was in 1980, right at the start of the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, which was a very busy time for Wades, running over 160 escorted trips, in 12 days. It was a challenging experience to see how the four children of Robert and Audrey would work together. And the rest is history!

Today, over 90 years later, the four great-grandchildren of Edwin L Wade serve the Capital District with the best in Motor Coach Travel, offering exciting destinations and outstanding customer relations.