Wade Tours- Handmade Gifts you'll find at the New England Christmas Festival
The New England Christmas Festival is a tradition that takes place every year at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.   People from all over the east coast come to kick off the Christmas shopping season by supporting local artists and artisans.  What better way to get yourself in the Christmas spirit? 
With over 300 pop up boutiques, visiting the New England Christmas Festival can be overwhelming at times.  But here are just a few ideas of the amazing products you can buy that will make the perfect gift for your friends, parents, co-workers and more.   
Here Are Some Gifts You’ll Find at The New England Christmas Festival:

Handmade Food Items-

For those foodies out there, this place will feel like a magical fairytale!  You’ll find a variety of handmade candies, chocolates, popcorns, toffees, pretzels, and more at the New England Christmas Festival.  Not into the sweets?  You’ll also find handmade spices, hot sauces, soups, pastas, beef jerky and salsas!  There are an endless amount of locally made and sourced food products here to buy for your loved ones.  (Or you can even just treat yourself!)

Fun Pet Products-

Many of the vendors here create custom dog treat cookies with special messages on them!  Made with oat flour, peanut butter, potato puree, tapioca starch and coconut oil, all products are safe for your furry friends to consume.  You can also get winter coats or collars for your pet with cute fabrics that really speak to their personalities!

Handcrafted Cutting Boards-

Some of the best woodworkers create beautiful handmade cutting boards that they sell here Whether they are used for cheese boards, prepping in the kitchen, or just for display, cutting boards and carving trays can be beautiful and functional gift ideas!


Many of the artists who have pop-up boutiques at The New England Christmas Festival specialize in photography, ceramics, painting, and more!  Supporting these local artists and finding the perfect piece of art for your wall or loved one is such a great sentiment.

Home Accessories

We have many vendors that create home accessories and products such as lighting fixtures, clocks, hand towels and candles. 

Fresh Maple Products-

Let’s face it, you are in New England.  If you’re going to get maple products from anywhere, it should be here!  Many sugarhouses from Vermont come tThe New England Christmas Festival and sell their handmade fresh maple syrups, maple cream, maple candies and more.  There’s nothing like the taste of fresh New England made maple products!

Handmade Apparel-

Handmade masks, sweaters, shirts, hats, scarves and socks, the list could go on!  You’ll be sure to find some warm clothing perfect for a gift or even for yourself.  My favorite are the wool slippers that will keep your feet toasty warm all winter long.


There are lots of local artists who create custom jewelry that is so unique.  From customized necklaces to ornate earrings, you are sure to find something in any style.   You can’t find custom pieces like these anywhere, so browsing these vendors you will be able to find a great gift or stocking stuffer! 
Now that you know some of the items you’ll find at the New England Christmas Festival, sign up with your friends or family for our annual trip to Connecticut!  The Christmas season is upon us, and getting a jump start on your Christmas shopping now will save you lots of stress down the road.  Whether it’s a gift for your parents, partner, children, co-workers, siblings or friends, you’ll be sure to find some of the most unique and cherished gifts at the New England Christmas Festival!  Plus, supporting local artists and artisans is the best way to spread your Christmas cheer.