Top Travel Souvenirs You Should Start Collecting
Collecting travel souvenirs is a fun way to remember your trip for years to come.  However, we all struggle with finding the perfect souvenir that don’t take up too much space in our luggage.  Check out this list to spark some ideas for your future travels!   

1. Postcards-

Postcards can be found almost anywhere around the world.  They’re basically mini pieces of art!  Find one that represents the place you traveled to most, and find a creative way to display your collection in frames, a scrapbook, or even as a feature wall!

2. Keychains-

Keychains are great travel souvenirs because they are small, don’t break easily, and are typically cheap! Once you have a great collection, your keys will carry all of your special travel memories with you!

3. Maps-

Imagine an accent wall of your home becomes maps you’ve collected from all over the world.  How meaningful would that be?

4. Hats-

Picking up a hat every place you travel will give more meaning to it every time you put it on.  Also, once you get enough in your collection, you can find a great way to display them.

5. Pins-

Pins can be found in many places and usually have a retro feel to them!  Pick one that represents your time best, and make a pin wall in your house to display all your awesome finds!

6. Pressed Pennies-

These might not be found everywhere you go, but when you do see one of those pressed penny machines, you’ll be sure to get excited!  The designs printed on these pennies across the world serves as artwork, and can be a great collection.

7. Stamps-

Stamps can be such beautiful pieces of art.  With all different styles, finding a couple in every place you go can make for a really special scrapbook one day!

8. Magnets-

What’s a better way to display all the of the places you’ve been than your own refrigerator? This could make for great conversation starters when you host dinner parties!

9. Stickers-

Stickers can be fun, colorful, funny and bold travel souvenirs.  Find one you love every place you go and pick a place to display them all.  Whether it’s a frame, bar top, or door, stickers are excellent souvenirs. 

10. Jewelry-

Styles of jewelry can be so unique depending on where they are from.  Finding a piece you love is a great way to remember the place you got it in a functional way.  Not everyone may know the back story of your necklace, which makes for a great personal souvenir.  Just for you.

11. Journals-

Writing in journals during your travels is always a great way to remember what you did, how you felt, and really provoke those memories.  Why not write in a journal you got from the same place you are writing about?

12. Mugs-

Although mugs aren’t quite as small as postcards or keychains, they can serve the same purpose.  You may have to be a little more careful packing these in your luggage, but you’ll remember the places you traveled while enjoying your morning coffee!  Also, finding a creative place to display your mug collection can be a statement piece of your kitchen! 
Now that you have some ideas for the best ways to collect your travel memories, it’s time to start thinking of how to display your beloved travel souvenirs!  Having a wonderful collection is great, but be sure to show it off in a fun way!
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