Did you know that traveling by motor coach is the most eco-friendly way to travel? (besides walking and biking of course!)

Our motor coaches are equip with Antimicrobial Fiber Layer (PWF) – Kills 99.95% viruses by using a copper and silver ion property.
How it works: Copper ions weaken the amino acids of the cell wall allowing silver to invade the cell. The Copper and silver then react with key enzymes to cause sterilization, suffocation and starvation of the pathogen.

  • Deluxe Motor Coach: Our large deluxe motor coaches are comfortable and roomy with beautiful interiors, great viewing windows, comfortable reclining seats, and air conditioning. You will have a professional driver who is full licensed and trained. Our 56 passengers also include a restroom for less stopping along the way! Our deluxe coaches are ideal for school trips, senior groups & weddings.
  • Party Bus: Do you have a bachelorette or bachelor party coming up? Whether you are getting together for a day at the wineries or a weekend away with your friends, leave the driving to us and have fun without worrying who will be doing the driving! Our 35 passenger includes – DVD Player with TV screens, Wifi, Outlets, Climate Control and a Large baggage area to store your goodies you pick up along the way!
  • Mini Bus Rental: Let us transport your out of town family and friends to and from the airport. Our 25 passenger has spacious seats with leg room, a large aisle for moving around and climate control.

We can create a specific tour or provide charter services to accommodate any size group. (25, 35, & 56 Passenger Buses Avail) All of our larger fleet vehicles are touring coaches. All fleet vehicles are fully insured, licensed and certified. Our drivers are trained professionals who do their utmost to provide the safest ride possible. Check out our fleet here!

We specialize in providing the highest level of customization for each group. Each of our well-planned packages includes transportation, hotel, meals and attractions.

Some options may not be available for select vehicles.