Tips by Ricki Curran
  • Layers
    • It is always best to bring clothes for multiple situations! These items should be light to medium weight so you can layer them on cool days but wear individually on warmer days.
  • Bottoms
    • Pants, capris, shorts, skirts should be lightweight and easy to rinse out in the hotel bathroom sink. Roll in bath towels or a pack towel to remove as much moisture as possible and hang to dry overnight. If you bring jeans wear them multiple times. Keep to one or two colors so the bottoms go with anything. I bring black and grey.
  • Tops
    • Lightweight tops that can be rinsed in the sink, rolled in a towel, and hung to drip dry work best. Again, bring colors that work with all your bottoms. I bring black, white, pink, blue, grey.
  • Outerwear
    • I love outerwear items that fold up into a pocket or small carry bag. Bring a lightweight zippered down vest, rain jacket, and warmer medium length (or long) down jacket. All of these come as a “jacket in a pocket.” I also recommend a lightweight fleece to wear under the vest and/or down jacket when needed, and to wear alone as a lightweight jacket. All outerwear should be able to be work in layers. Again, stick with one or two colors.
  • Footwear
    • You need one pair of sneakers or walking shoes and one pair of sandals. If you stick to two colors of pants or shorts, you will not need more footwear.

Remember! Less is more as long as you can mix, match and layer all your clothing!

  • Extras
    • Bring long underwear to wear under your lightweight pants to make them warmer. Bring a hat, scarf and gloves for cooler situations. Bring a pair of wool socks for cool mornings. Bring a large brimmed hat for sun protection.

Note: Limit your luggage weight to not exceed 50lbs.