Have you ever taken a step back to look at how beautiful and interesting your hometown truly is?

We LOVE our town & the citizens of Schenectady. Sometimes, you really need to become a tourist in your own town to appreciate it!

Schenectady is the home to over 66,000+ people! We have so many delicious family-owned restaurants, Proctors Theatre & Awesome History! We have been lucky enough to enjoy this beautiful city for almost 95 years!

Eat at Someplace New

Schenectady has some of the YUMMIEST food! Many of the restaurants are family owned.

Do you love wings? Whether its wing night or Sunday football game – Wander your way into 20 North Broadway Tavern where they have 8-9 different flavored wings!

If you are looking for great italian food try out Johnny’s, Canali’s,  Perreca’s, and Armando’s. 

If you are looking for more homestyle food you can head to the Bellevue Cafe and Blue Ribbon.

If you are looking for more of a challenge, right down the road from us is Wagon Train BBQ where you can get the The Graveyard Burger which consist of “1lb Black Angus Burger 4 slices of American cheese 2 fried eggs 6 slices of bacon 8oz pulled pork 8oz beef brisket 8oz cole slaw 8oz Mac n Cheese Onion Tanglers Jalepeno Bottle Caps with Onion Ring and French Fries on a Ginormous Fresh Baked Roll. It weighs 5.5 lbs Total Weight – cost $44.95 – and if you can at eat it all in 30min or less and it is FREE!”

Last but not least – finish your night at Villa Italia where you can pick out your favorite pastry!

Taking a walk around Downtown

FUN FACT! In the 1950s television series, The Honeymooners, Trixie’s mother was from Schenectady.

Union College was founded in 1795 and has SO much amazing history. Here are some fun facts about Union College (taken from wikipedia)

Photo credit to discoverschenectady.com