We are SO excited to announce that in June, we are visiting three of New England's Coolest Lighthouses!

The three lighthouses are Boston Light, Brant Point Light, and Beavertail Lighthouse.

This tour is going to be June 20-21, 2021 and will feature wide open spaces and water for miles! Check out the itinerary!

Day one – Today we visit our first and oldest Lighthouse built in 1716 – Boston Light on Little Brewster Island. Today the Lighthouse is permanently manned by its first female keeper, Dr. Sally Snowman.  You are sure to enjoy this 2-hour cruise narrated by National Park Service and U.S. Coast Guard staff, located 9.33 miles from Boston.

Later we check into our Cape Cod hotel for the next 2-nights and enjoy a delicious dinner and a restful nights sleep to get ready for a full day out to-sea-to-see Brant Point Light on Nantucket Island built in 1746.


Day two – We rise and shine and after our breakfast at the hotel, we head to the ferry terminal for a cruise over to Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island with dune-backed beaches and cobblestoned streets, lined with boutiques and steepled churches.  located just 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, feels like its own little world!  We will meet our guide as we hear the tails of the Brant Point Light, America’s second oldest lighthouse at only 26 feet tall, making it the shortest lighthouse in all of New England.

Its time we return to the mainland and as we round the point leaving the harbor, toss a penny into the sea to ensure that we return someday to the Grey Lady’s welcoming arms!

Tonight, we will enjoy a New England Lobster dinner!

Breakfast, Dinner

Day three – We pack our bags and after enjoying another breakfast at the hotel, we depart to explore our third oldest lighthouse in the United States, Beavertail Lighthouse, built in 1856 and is the premier lighthouse in Rhode Island, marking the entrance to Narragansett Bay.  The 64-foot lighthouse lies on the southernmost point of Conanicut Island in the town of Jamestown, Rhode Island in Beavertail State Park, a site where beacons have stood since the early 18th century.


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Boston Light is located in Massachusetts. This historic Lighthouse overlooks the sea from Little Brewster Island, casting a light beam 27 miles into the Atlantic. This is the oldest continually used and last staffed lighthouse in the country, which dates back to the Revolutionary War! Today the Lighthouse is permanently manned by its first female keeper, Dr. Sally Snowman. The structure was built in 1716. The tower caught on fire in 1720 and 1751. The tower had the most damage during the Revolutionary War. In June 1776, as the last of the British were leaving Boston, they blew up the lighthouse. It was not rebuilt until 1783. In 1948, the Boston Light was electrified. “In 1964 Boston Light became a National Historic Landmark, in 1987 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and in November 1989, just as the Coast Guard was preparing to automate the light and remove personnel from Little Brewster, the U. S. Senate passed a law sponsored by Senator Kennedy requiring that Boston Light be permanently manned. Boston Light thus became the only manned lighthouse in the United States.”

Brant Point Light is the second lighthouse established in colonial America. It was established in 1746. It is located only 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, on Nantucket. It has been moved and rebuilt more times than any other lighthouse in the Nation. Between structure fires and storms, the Lighthouse has been rebuilt SIX times! The unique thing about this lighthouse is that its only 26 feet tall! It is the shortest lighthouse in all of New England. “Automated in 1965, the 1901 light tower continues to operate as an active aid to navigation today. In 1975, the tower was included in the National Historic Landmark boundaries for the Nantucket Historic District and was later listed individually in the National Register of Historic Places.”

Beavertail Lighthouse is located in Rhode Island, Beavertail State Park, at the Southern end of Conanicut Island, Narragansett Bay. The station was established in 1749 and the Present Lighthouse was built in 1856. It is 45 feet tall, granite and the grounds, features the 1856 keeper’s house, 1898 assistant keeper’s house, oil house, storage building, garage. The views from the top of the lighthouse are like no other, it feels like you can see for miles and miles! (15 3/4 nautical miles to be exact) Just like the other two lighthouses, the first lighthouse was destroyed by fire in 1753. The first keeper was local resident Abel Franklin, who had been a member of the committee appointed to build the lighthouse. “In 1829, a 600-pound fog bell was installed at Beavertail, mounted on a 12-foot brick tower, and sounding 10 times each minute by means of a clockwork mechanism that had to be wound by the keeper. It was used only for about four years, as it was impossible to hear over the sound of the thundering surf.” The Beavertail Lighthouse has SO much history, this is only just a tiny bit.