October is National Dessert Month, this means you can indulge (in moderation) for 31 days!! Whether you have a major sweet tooth and love cookies and cake, you’d rather have a healthy dish like a yogurt fruit parfait or want to add chocolate chips to your pancakes, there is a dessert for everyone!

I asked our office what their favorite desserts were and supringly just about everyone said pie!

We had apple, hershey sundae, cherry and pecan pie! We had one of our employees mention Boston Cream Pie – however, did you know that boston cream pie is actally cake? It was invented by an Armanian-French chef who did not speak good english, because cake pans were not popular at the time, it was likely baked in a pie tin! Other favorites in the office were cheesecake, zucchini crisp, apple crisp and vanilla ice cream!

Your preference of pie reveals your personality; Apple: realistic & compassionate, Pecan: thoughtful & analytical, Chocolate: loving and Pumpkin: funny and independent.

  • Did you know the first Apple Pie recipe was published in 1381 by Geoffrey Chaucer, he was a poet in England!
  • The world’s largest gingerbread house topped out at 2,520 square feet and contained 35.8 million calories.
  • The popsicle was invented by accident!  An 11 year old named Frank Epperson left his cup of powdered soda and water with a stick in it outside and it froze!

New York’s favorite candy is Snickers!

According to the article on countryliving the top 10 favorite candy of 2020 are:

Reeses, Snickers, Milky Way, Candy Corn, Payday, Kit Kat, Twix, Butterfinger, Hershey’s and M&M’s.