Our talented technicians have been busy this year!

To keep our buses looking sharp, we decided to give 137 a much needed facelift! 

The purpose of our updates is not only to update the look of the coach, but the kit makes the coach more aerodynamically stable.
Meaning that there is less aerodynamic lift on the front of the coach which improves fuel economy and handling at highway speeds.

The facelift also converts the headlights from halogen bulbs to L. E. D. headlight assemblies and adds the fog light option to the coach. These lighting changes greatly improve night time visibility for our drivers. The facelift kit also changes the front marker and directional lights from incandescent bulbs to L. E. D. assemblies, changing these lights offers much better visibility for our coach to incoming traffic.

Most importantly, the combination of the added vehicle handling improvements and visibility, equals a lot of added safety for our customers and employees.

Shout-out to our awesome guys in the garage for all their hard work on this project!

Stay tuned – Bus 138 is up next!